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And if the Moon was an alien spaceship?…

28 Jul

We live nowadays in a world controlled by managers, there is not much to be proud about us, humans, humankind falling into slavery, science in downfall, lack of respect and civilisation. Almost nothing good is made easily visible by the media. The media?!…It is a clear lesson what happened recently with Ruport Murdoch media empire, what matters he intended to reinforce and to omit. Notwithstanding the possible existence of God, or at least a God as understood by Baruch Spinoza, let us think for a moment about the hypothesis that the Moon be an alien spaceship, or an old artifact left over by a very advanced alien civilisation, or even more likely why not a remnant from an ancient human civilsation that attained a high level of technical development but was lately destroyed by a global war? After all, old respected texts from India, the Vedas for example, describe ancient wars and spaceships (called Vimaanas in Sanscrit), and also at Mohenjo-Daro was discovered radioactive bodies. Just to cite a few data. The possibility that Moon could be an alien spaceship was discussed by two academicians of the ex- soviet union, Mikhail Vasin and Alexander Shcherbakov. All these arguments are easily refuted on the ground of our present state of knowledge. And some arguments can be find in this link. But…

Nobel laureate Dr. Harold Urey rejected the idea that the moon result from Earth (see video) and wrote an interesting article about it in 1973, appeared in the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientist.

Recently, Lars Borg, scientist at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory gives experimental evidence that Earth and Moon may be younger than previously thought. Indeed, the Moon is unique among all the natural satellites of our Solar System. Its mass ratio when compared to Earth is anomalously high, about 1/81, when compared to Titan/Saturn system, which is 1/4207. Its proximity to planet Earth implies high periodic and secular perturbations of its orbital parameters. In particular, the orbital plane of the Moon is inclined 5 degrees relatively to the ecliptic.

Notwithstanding all reverse arguments that we may raise against this “crazy” idea, it seems to me that convincing arguments coming from the sceptics are not strong enough. This doubtful situation leaves to me with a feeling possibly similar to the one felt by the robots appearing in one of the best scifi movies I ever saw, “Blade Runner”. I give now a moment to remember here a short trailer of the movie and invite you to compare your feelings with robot own “feelings”…imagining for a moment that we are bio-engineering products of an advanced civilisation (from an old colapsed civilisation or alliens). Although weird it may be, we may acquire some “humanity”, and respect toward nature.

Hello world!

14 Jul

Welcome to Science2be. As the title partially suggests, I am concerned about science, its meaning, its purpose, to understand nature, and how to use technology for the benefit of manking and not its enslaving.

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