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About the End of the World…

20 Dec

Primum vivere, deinde philosophari. – Thomas Hobbes (1588-1679)

Yes! it is the end of the miserable world!…if the People will understand, open their eyes and look down on their wretchedness, on the abuses they have always suffered; if they will apply the remedy for their evils, – evils which desolate society, regenerate the world, and give it new life. – John F. Mas

It is a very old story, that of the end of the world. The lightning and thunder, the inundations, the drought, the earthquakes, all the great cataclysms have been a rich subject for the priests and Jesuits of all countries to predict the end of the world. The remotest date we can recollect of in history is the year 999. At the last hour of said year 999 , the terrestrial globe, according to our evil prophets, was to disappear like a nutmeg in the hands of a juggler, and all human beings to die instantly, and their soul appear before an old white-bearded man whom they call God. who would judge the ones good for Heaven, the others for Hell and Purgatory, three things which the priests and Jesuits skilfully turn to good account in frightening the credulous and weak-minded people. Nevertheless, the globe still revolves. Those predictions were throwing perturbation and desolation throughout the entire  world, while the hypocritical devotees benignly reaped the earthly treasures from the horrified populations. – John F. Mas, in The end of Miserable World [1]

When man starts to see the “end of the world”, it seems to me that he is attained by this feeling because he perceives his own failures. And unfortunately, in my viewpoint, he is right in this perception, because for the common human being, moderately aware of what is going on, the delusion he actually feels is the outcome of the total comprehension that human history is not what is told in textbooks, is not a guaranteed progress. No, in fact, there is always present the strange possibility of civilizational retroces, this human stupidity that is hidden on our brain wiring, that common politicians use for their profit. Humans, if not educated with higher purpose, are framed to cheat, to use others for their own egoistic and materialistic desires. That’s what we see everyday, in a world without sincere leaders, in the news that are vehiculated by the medias and the horrific programs that are scheduled to frame our state of minds, in the promise made by our politicians, that we know are not serious, are just the way they live, cheating people. The natural expectations human beings may have in their very short lifespan, are prone to delusion, making of every human being, instead of the little god he hides inside of him and the marvellous being he was entitled to be on this planet, one more potential cheater, one more potential killer, and all to benefit this strange political system, that “gently” is dominating this human race.

So, yes, dear Fellow Citizen, this is the End of the World, we all start to recognize the truth behind the ditto. Before us, philosophers tried to clear our minds about what this means.

Friedrich Nietzsche claimed “God is dead”, because in his “optics”, no hope we may receive from the heavens.

In the same tune, Erich Fromm claimed that man is dead [2]{2}, and the day will come when he will cease to be a man, and will become a machine deprived of reflexion and…sentiments.

But I am sure that human beings are well below their true potential, unfortunately controlled by an educative system and mass media that frame their minds.

So, are we talking about the end of the world?…Probably it already started a long time ago…


[1] The end of Miserable World, by John F. Mas

[2] The Sane Society, by Erich Fromm

{1} 2012 and Counting: A Nasa scientist answer top 20 questions about the End of the World

{2} Erich Fromm, The Nature of Man, 1961

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