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30 Jun

Tribalistic Science – what it is?…

25 Jun

It is hard to believe, but Science is becoming a tribalistic activity, with hub inside groups of people with similar interests and that defend themselves and their publication like we were living in a doomsday era. Yes, we have a new type of science: the TRIBALISTIC SCIENCE. The index that institutions and governments use to measure the level of interestingness in tribalistic science are pseudo-indexes that measure:

  • the number of publications, disregarding the number of authors (those working at CERN can publish 100 or more papers in one year, among hundreds of co-authors, a must for scientific career)
  • the number of papers on the same subject, even if continued during a time life guarantee to the authors a place in the podium and possibly the Nobel Prize (this level is much harder to attain due to the related politics and involvement of governments and institutions, eager of prestige)
  • the way authors in the same exact field cite each others, increasing exponentially the number of citations, disregarding the real usefulness of the work (some of them explicitly ask you to cite them for better impact on their institutions)
  • …really don’t measure the real future impact of new ideas, their potential, or if the author is alone striving to invent or develop new concepts that may, in the future, or right now, contribute to the welfare of humanity.
  • possibly, more significant items could be added, it’s up to you, reader.

This is my definition of the new type of science that is being done worldwide with huge success, even if destroying the public fate in science…

Since the Bomb exploded over Hiroshima, the prestige of science in the United States has mushroomed like na atomic cloud. In schools and colleges, more students than ever before are choosing some branch of science for their careers. Military budgets earmarked for scientific research have never been so fantastically huge. Books and magazines devoted to science are coming off the presses in greater numbers than at any previous time in history. Even in the realm of escape literature, science fiction threatens seriously to replace the detective story. – Martin Gardner, in Fads and Fallacies in the name of science.


[1] – Martin Gardner, Fads and Fallacies in the name of Science.

[2] – Mario J. Pinheiro, The Art of Academia Guerrilla – how Academia can help society to progress (ISBN-13: 978-1514370612 (CreateSpace-Assigned)

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