The power of networks…

20 Mar

«As the number of connections between people and things adds

Two telephones, one connection, 5 telephones 10 connections, 12 telephones  60 connections…Network growing exponentially. Image credit: Wikipedia

up, the consequences of those connections multiply out even faster so that initial successes aren’t self-limiting, but self-feeding.

Mathematics says the sum value of a network increases as the square of the number of members. In other words, as the number of nodes in a network increases arithmetically, the value of the network increases exponentially.

A good definition of a network is organic behavior in a technological matrix.

Every day we see evidence of biological growth in technological systems. This is one of the marks of the network economy: that biology has taken root in technology. And this is one of the reasons why networks change everything.» – Kelly K., in New Rules for the New Economy (1999)

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