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We live in a shadow universe

14 Jul

It is not uncommon to have a sensation that we live in a kind of downgraded universe and science sustains this feeling in a mathematical ground. This 4-dimensional universe we live in, the space-time framework where life and phenomena unfold, is a reduced version of much more complex worlds, or universes, that somehow prevails over ours. Science, theoretical physics, start unveiling a hidden aspect of our universe. Big data collected worldwide by astronomers and spacecraft are strongly suggesting that ours might well be just a projection, a hologram that forms and where we are in (see Fig.1).

At a more down-to-Earth approach, we all may feel when we sleep and dream, that the wake-up process appears to our senses and feelings as if we were suddenly disconnected from a cosmic current, a stream of energy and information that we are not capable to define clearly. For now, we can only conjecture. So, we may imagine that we are a kind of “virtual beings”. As we know from Quantum Field Theory, “virtual particles” represent a disturbance in a field caused by the presence of other particles, often of other fields. Could we be just a shadow of other, more complete beings, “real” beings living in more expanded dimensions?

In mathematics, we use “real numbers” to quantify what is real. Economists, bankers, and bookkeepers do not use imaginary numbers or the more elaborate hypercomplex numbers and spinors (mathematical objects that represent all “ordinary matter” in our universe) to make business or understand economic-social phenomena. Physicists and mathematicians do. Because to understand our world, they need to understand the other more elaborate world from which ours are nothing else but a projection, a shadow. Perhaps, the fact that we need to use hypercomplex numbers to predict the outcome of events in Quantum Mechanics, we have a lot of troubles to understand Quantum Mechanics. Those numbers are not of our world. It is remarkable that somehow we are able to intuit their existence, to somehow remember them, as discussed by Plato in the Allegory of the Cave.

As scientists are nowadays attempting to communicate with whales and dauphins, one day, science will take seriously the task of communicating with the deads. “Dead” is just a word of ignorant minds, unaware of the enriching process and transformation when a soul is transferred to a higher reality. What we call life, is just this phenomenon of a projection of higher realm beings to a reduced dimensional universe where necessary information must be lost, compactified for lack of spatial memory in this reduced mathematical form, kind of (x,y,z,t) universe.

Globe network hologram projector with digital connection 3D rend

When we die, probably we regain conscience of the higher complexity and richness of the other worlds from were, for some reason, we were transferred. Believing in karma and Eastern philosophies, maybe this transference to our cosmos is nothing else than an opportunity to redeem our souls from some flaws, hopefully.

A clear vision of our world and the others may help us to overcome the fear of death, and give hope that one day, we will have the technology to communicate with the deaths, if, remotely, they still remain interested in having a connection with us, in this reduced form of the realm.


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